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A “fact tank” that promotes a fact based world view, showing important world trends and sharing the joy of statistics.
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Instruction JunctionThe FHPS PLN!also on twitter @Instructionjunc& Facebook (private group for us!) check us out on Pinterest
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Amazing collection of resources,
interactives, media, courses...
More Global Awareness links:

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Content Resources temporarily linked offsite
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Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101


Looking for Standards Aligned curriculum ideas?

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Browse By Standards

Thinkfinity provides resources organized by our current state standards. Just select Michigan and drill down to your subject area.
Teachers in those states who want to locate Thinkfinity materials aligned to Common Core Standards can choose their state's Common Core option located farther down in the Standards pull-down menu.

Flightplans for Learning:
Differentiation & Deep Thinking through Technology

Giant Collection of Student Links:
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Collection of standards based lessons, activities, and web resources from NCTM.
Illuminations: Standards

not free, but at $9/year, families might consider
standards aligned

Math Resources ordered by Standards - Second Grade

From Allendale