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A smarter way to keep your kids safe online
* Know what your kids are really doing online
  • Spot potential dangers before they become problems
  • Easily manage your kids’ computer time
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Susan Oxnevad who blogs on the marvelous Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners has posted this lesson, complete with interactive templates, tutorials & resources.
Build Vocabulary Cards with Google PresentationShe writes, "There is a wealth of research to suggest that vocabulary knowledge is the single best predictor of student academic achievement across all curriculum areas...check out the rest on her blog(and her many great resources while you are there)
"Bubble and Pebble" digital games were created by kindergarten students of the Terakki Foundation Schools in Istanbul, Turkey. The children were given the chance to create their own learning/teaching materials, combining their English, IT and animation skills, and to share the result with children from all over the world. They even have an App!

Read the Borrowers series by before the moviecomes out this February

Some neat and easy ways to use Excel in the classroom:external image inthe.gif
Spreadsheets: A Dynamic Path to Understanding Math, By Wendy Petti
Native American Resources* * Michigan Legends from Fiegel Media Center
*Sticks and Stones Math! From NCTM Illuminations:Use probability to analyze strategies for winning a Native American game.


READ Puss in Boots before you see this:

Write epitaphs & poems on gravestones for important figures ....From TeachersFirst: The Explorers' Graveyard - A TeachersFirst Class Project===If you teach about explorers at the start of your U.S. history curriculum in elementary or middle school, you'll lovethis lesson idea to wrap up the unit just in time for Halloween. The graveyard idea is easily (eerily?) adaptable for other topics, as explained in the Options section.Here's a way to create a classroom review project that the whole school will enjoy.Explorers Graveyard

Tired of impersonal poetry with a sleepy audience? Nevermore! Make poetry a spectacularly personal and spooky experience with TeachersFirst's Interactive Raven Students learn about poetry and literary devices "hands on" via a computer mouse. Find out why the Interactive Raven is our all-time most popular "Exclusive" lesson. It's Ready to Go for your projector, interactive whiteboard, or individual student computers. Leverage Poe's powerful poetry just in time for this haunting season.
globetracker.pngGlobetracker's Mission is just one week from its official embarkation date. Read the preview episode now, then pack your bags. Plan to travel throughout North America via weekly episodes from October 23 until late April. Your students in grades 2-6 will learn standards-aligned geography, map skills, landforms, and more by following Geo and Meri's weekly blog. Vote to decide what the teens should do next. If you have Google Earth, trace the Mission with the Google Earth files offered with each episode. Find Globetracker's Mission any time from the TeachersFirst home page, under "Ready to Go."